About Us

At Agility Foods, our mission is simple: to make the most delicious food with the highest quality ingredients.



Agility Foods is a women-owned business born out of a family recipe, our love of real food and our passion for excellence. We're confident that everybody can benefit from our convenient and nutritious snacks, no matter where you are on your health journey.  Busy parents trust our products as a balanced breakfast option on-the-go and fitness-enthusiasts rave over the clean energy our snacks provide.  

As active and health-conscious consumers, we searched high and low for convenient and nutrient-dense snacks.  Visit any grocery store and you'll be bombarded by hundreds of protein bars claiming to be nutritious.  Flip the package over and read the fine print.  Most convenient snack options are LOADED with chemicals & preservatives, falsely advertised as "healthy."    

There is not a single food product on the market like us.  We guarantee you will taste the difference in our carefully crafted snacks and grow to love the Agility Foods brand as much as we do!